Nancy Basile

Award-winning mystery author

Award-winning author Nancy Basile grew up in the hills of West Virginia, scraping her knees, and dreaming about becoming a murder mystery writer.

Now, she's bringing West Virginia to life in the pages of the River Sutton Mysteries. Her second book in the River Sutton Mysteries, "A Fatal Fumble," won BookFest's LGBTQ+ Mystery Award, and took 2nd place for both Cozy Mystery and Amateur Sleuth.

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Writing has been a passion since childhood. In elementary school, Nancy launched a student newspaper. In high school, she won awards for journalism.


When Nancy isn't writing, she's reading. She enjoys many genres, including cozy mysteries, traditional mysteries, historical romance, and even spicy romance.


Nancy is lucky enough to live nextdoor to an amazing park with a library and a long walking path. Great for daily exercise and plotting murder.
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