How to Kickstart Your Email List Using Social Media

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When you build an email list using social media, you can see your subscribers numbers increase in a short amount of time. Using social media to build an email list is smart; you’re capitalizing on an audience you’ve already attracted.

I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to grow my email list. I also make sure to use Instagram and Facebook stories to promote my email list. You can use links in your social media profiles in addition to status updates.

There are some tweaks you need to make to your social media channels before you start seeing results when you use them to build your email list. Step by step, here’s what you need to do to harness these powerful tools effectively.

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How to Build an Email List Using Social Media

Create a Landing Page

When you have a freebie, lead magnet, discount code or coupon that you give subscribers when they sign up, make a separate landing page on your website for it. Having a separate landing page for your email sign-up will make it very clear to the user what you want them to do. Lots of WordPress themes come with this template, but your email service provider probably has a way to create a landing page, either on their site or yours.

For instance, my email service provider, ConvertKit (that’s an affiliate link and I earn a commission if you make a purchase through that link) has several templates for landing pages that you can edit and use as your own. Then you can either share the link to the landing page, which lives on their site, or use their code or WordPress plugin to host the landing page on your own domain. ConvertKit has great video tutorials.

Here’s the ConvertKit video tutorial on how to create a landing page.

Most email service providers have either video tutorials or documentation to walk you through the process of building a landing page. Just look for it in the help or support section.

There are also services that specifically create landing pages that work with your email service provider. For instance, Leadpages is a service some of the top online marketing gurus use.

Link to Your Landing Page

Now it’s time to direct traffic to your brand new landing page. You can use the link space in your social media profiles to link to your landing page, NOT your website’s homepage. When you send a new visitor to your website’s homepage, it’s like taking a toddler to the gates of Disney World and saying, “See you later!” They don’t know where to go, what to do, and will probably end up crying and walking away. (Well, maybe not crying. At least, I hope not.)

By sending your visitor to your landing page, they’re more likely to take the next logical step. They’re more likely to sign up for your free offer. That’s because they don’t have as many choices that could potentially distract your visitors.

Facebook – Add the landing page’s link to the button on your business’s Facebook page. It’s right under the cover photo. You should also create a Facebook post about your email newsletter and/or lead magnet that includes a link to your landing page. Then, pin that post to the top of your business’s Facebook page for everyone to see.

Instagram – This social media platform only has one clickable link you can use. Add your landing page link to your Instagram bio.

You can also use Instagram stories to build your email list. If you have 10,000 or more followers — lucky you! — you can add the link in the “swipe up” feature of your Instagram stories.

If you’re like the rest of us with a smaller — but engaged! — following, you can still use stories. When you create a story, either about your freebie or something else, type your own tag (@itlookslikethis) into your story. Then tell people to tap the tag and tap the link in your bio. They’ll be taken to your landing page, lickety-split!

Twitter – Any URL you add to your Twitter profile will become a clickable link, so you’re not limited to only one. Add your landing page URL to your Twitter profile. I recommend having just this one link, but if you are worried about limiting your visitors’ choices, you can add a link to your website. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it gets the job done.

Pinterest – You can actually leverage Pinterest over and over to build your email list. First, you can use the link space in your profile to add your landing page URL. Next, you can create Pins that lead directly to your landing page. (Check out this quick article how to upload an image and create a Pin if you aren’t sure how to do it.)

  1. You can take your Pinterest strategy even further by creating a whole board that’s dedicated to your freebie.
  2. Create a new board with a name that’s clear and makes sense, such as “Free Guides for Building Your Email List #emailmarketing.”
  3. Create 10-15 images that show off your freebie. Experiment with different images and text overlays to attract more people. Creating these additional images doesn’t have to be hard. Just think about how you can display some of the content from your gift. You could screenshot different pages (be sure to watermark them or blur them) and turn them into images. Or you could use more than one template on Canva.
  4. Upload each image as a Pin to that board along with a description (don’t forget your keywords!) and a link to your landing page.

Now you know how to build an email list using social media! Make sure you study what techniques are getting you the most engagement so you can duplicate your success again later. Check into your analytics from time to time. Then, tweak your profiles, Pins, links and status updates to be even more effective.

It’s easy to start a mailing list when you follow these tips. Download your free worksheet to help you get started.

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