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Get More Likes and Comments on Instagram

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Want more likes and comments on Instagram? Instagram is on everyone’s mind all the time. It’s the hot place to be right now. In this blog post I’ll be talking about how to increase your Instagram engagement. (Engagement is just a corporate word for getting likes and comments.)

You’ve probably heard that how many likes you get on Instagram is just a “vanity metric.” Likes just make your account look good to other people. It’s true that likes aren’t as important as comments. But both comments and likes combined equal “engagement,” and engagement is the name of the game on Instagram.

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Instagram wants to keep people on their platform or app, just like al

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Your Best Instagram Profile for Business in 30 Minutes


Today I am talking about your Instagram profile for business. Specifically, I’m going over the three places where you can make sure that you’re communicating in the most effective way to get more followers and more customers.

When I talk about Instagram with my clients, one of the first things I hear is, there’s just too much, I don’t understand. What our hashtags? What do I do? The algorithm doesn’t like me.

Instagram marketing for your local business can be very overwhelming. But, if you stay focused on your customer, it will be much easier. So we’re going to head over right now to my Instagram profile.

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Profile Picture

The first thing we are going to look at is th