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You need your Pinterest business profile to work as hard as it can for you. There are very limited places on your Pinterest profile where you can put information about your business. And you only have one clickable link in your Pinterest business profile. This blog post will help you hit three hot spots that help you convey a more effective message to your potential followers and your potential clients.

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Claim Your Website

You want to send more traffic to your website and get more people on your email list by using Pinterest. The first thing you ha

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Giveaway Dos and Don’ts to Grow Your Email List Quickly


One simple way to grow your email list quickly is to participate in giveaway events. If you’ve never been part of a giveaway, you might be wondering how they work. Typically, one business owner decides to create a giveaway. She asks other online business owners to contribute a product of their own to contribute to the giveaway.


Next, people can sign up for the giveaway once it goes live. Usually they sign up for the entire prize package, that includes content from all the participating online business owners, using their email address. Once they’re signed up for the email list, users receive instructions on how to claim their goodies from each of the business owners. Sometimes they have a special discount code to use during the checkout proce