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If you’re a small business trying to attract new customers, or even nurture relationships with your current customers, you need a blog. You may have a website, but that’s not the same thing as a blog. A website is static, never changing. A blog is updated on a regular basis. A blog keeps your audience in the loop on what’s happening in your business. A blog is also a great place to serve your customers by giving them tips, advice, tutorials or recommendations.

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Although you can use YouTube or social media to serve up content to your audience, blogs are still the most popular medium people turn to when they’re looking for recommendations or doing research.¬†According to HubSpot, a leading online marke


Crowdfire has raised my social media game to a whole new level because their app single-handedly increase my Twitter followers. Crowdfire’s smart algorithms and its user-friendly interface make it my go-to social media tool for Twitter. It was the easiest and fastest way I’ve discovered to get not only more Twitter followers, but also more engagement.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Crowdfire. If you make a purchase using my links, I will earn a small commission. However, I would recommend them for free! They rock!

I launched Media Medusa, an entertainment blog, in the fall of 2013. At that time, my social media efforts were minimal. I set my blog to automatically send new posts to Media Medusa’s Facebook page and Twitter account. I almost never

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