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00:00 Good morning bazillionaires this is Nancy reseal and you are on DIY online marketing and today I am talking about how to find and share content that will keep your followers coming back for more and this is for Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or anywhere else, curating content, which is what it’s called when you just go out and find something that somebody else wrote or created and then sharing it is one of the best ways to build your authority and keep your followers happy and coming back to your account for more every time. Um, beyond just creating your own content. It’s a great way to fill your content calendar and, and it’s not a cop out and it’s not cheating and it’s not a secret or a trick or anything like that. It is truly a strategy that you can use. I’m Nancy Basile and I created DUI.

01:01 Why online marketing? Because I wanted to help small local business owners do their own online marketing for a lot of small local business owners. The idea of Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and all these things is totally overwhelming and it shouldn’t be because the world makes it harder than it needs to be. It’s not that hard. And so I’m here to show you how to harness the internet and harness those tools. That’s all they are as tools to your benefit because yes, you should have an online presence, but it should not take up all of your time and I’m showing you ways to do it without taking up all of your time. All right, so let’s get started. Um, how to find and share content that keeps your followers coming back for more. Uh, this is sponsored by FYI, my own fill your feed package.

01:52 I created a free package because I feel so strongly about this for you called, um, 31 heart worthy Instagram posts. Fill your feed in 30 minutes or less. It’s a whole month of posts that really you can post on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or wherever and it’s got images, captions, and relevant hashtags. I researched hashtags and even included those and it’s all in a copy and paste format. Um, if you go to nancy-bassil.com, it’s the first thing you see, just sign up with your email address and you will get that sent to you for free. Even if you just keep it on the back burner. Maybe there’s a time when you need to take a month off. The holidays are coming. A lot of us, you know, go a little bit crazy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These posts can help you fill your feed for that time.

02:44 If you’re just starting a new account or maybe you’re refreshing your account and you need to take a step back and do some rebranding, you can use all of these posts to fill your feed. So just go to Nancy dash [inaudible] dot com and you can sign up to download it for free. All right, so I kind of mentioned that when you share someone else’s content, when you cure rate, cure rate is the keyword content. You establish your authority because you’re sharing exactly what they need. So two things need to happen for this to work for you to establish authority. First you need to know your followers. You need to know your audience. What are their pain points? What’s bothering them, what’s causing them trouble, what’s keeping them up at night? What’s making them scratch their heads? That’s the content you need to be sharing with them to solve that problem for them.

03:37 So not only do you need to know what they need or want, you also need to know enough about your industry or your space, how to solve their problem best. So for instance, I’m in online marketing, right? I’m not going to share something from somebody’s blog somewhere that talks about making 1 million bucks overnight or some nonsense or make money while you sleep or whatever. Some of these, you know bro, marketers like to tout, I’m not going to share that with you because I know it’s garbage. I’m not going to share something that’s garbage with you. So you need to know enough about what your talking about to share what someone else is talking about and know that it would actually help your people. You don’t want to share stuff just to share it. You don’t want to go out there and find every little blog post or article or infographic if it’s crap, if it’s not going to help your people, do not share it because then you will lose your authority, right?

04:40 So you want to share stuff that you know is going to help them. And to do that, you need to first know what their problems are and then you need to know what really will fix their problems. And that’s content to share. Excuse me. So curating content helps you balance your own promotional content. None of us like to be sold to 24 seven. Nobody likes that. Nobody likes to go visit a car lot. Oh my goodness, that was loud. Sorry. That was somebody upstairs. Real life people you. Because you know as soon as you walk onto that car lot, you’re going to be, you know somebody’s going to be stuck to you like a barnacle. Nobody likes that. So by sharing other people’s content, again, blog posts, articles, infographics, quotes, whatever you are balancing out your own promotional content. When you share valuable curated content, it offsets your own promotion.

05:39 So it’s building your authority, but it’s not like screaming at them all of the time to buy your stuff or get your stuff or book you or whatever. So that then when you do promote your stuff, it comes off one authoritative because you’ve been sharing such great stuff that solves their problem. And two, they’re ready. They’re ready because they’ve been listening and you have an overwhelmed them. So how often should you share someone else’s stuff compared to your stuff? You should test that out really. Um, for everyone it’s different. Some people have like an 80 20 rule. Some people have the like one of your things too, you know, one out of three, like one of your things to two of their things. And then there’s, Oh, who is that? Is it Vander check? Is it Vander check that has the jab, jab, jab, hook, book.

06:30 So in that instance, you jab, jab, jab with somebody else’s stuff, and then you hook with your stuff. That’s kind of a weird analogy, but that’s what I mean. So that’s one of the other reasons you can curate and share content. Make it personal. Don’t you share the what? Make sure they know the why. So when you’re sharing this other content that you did not create, yes, it’s great, but why is it great? Why is it going to help them? Here’s where your voice cuts through the noise to reach your client or customer or your follower, your potential client. When you tell them like, Hey, I saw that you don’t just say like, Hey, this is a great article. Read it. Nobody’s going to read that, right? When you get stuff like that from people, Hey, this is a great video. Watch it. Are you going to watch it?

07:14 No. None of us have time for that nonsense. None of it. But if you’re sharing it to say, Hey, my, my email inbox was jammed and I had like 2000 unread emails until I read this blog post and now I’m down to five and I’m almost clear by the end of the week you should read this. That’s totally different, isn’t it? You’ve talked about a problem that you had and how this blog post fixed it and there are a gazillion people out there who have the exact same problem. So tell them why you’re sharing it, how’s it going to work for them that will help them read it and hopefully get some help. Make it valuable, do what your customers don’t have time to do. So one of the reasons we love things like [inaudible], excuse me, the Skimm, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the skim, it is an email newsletter that two women started.

08:08 It is literally just an email you get every day, but it has a little bit of everything and it has the best of everything. USA today to me was the original curated content USA today when it first came out. Yes, I’m old. I don’t know if you remember when USA today first came out. Um, you know, a lot of newspapers, other newspapers and media outlets poo-pooed it because it was so lightweight. It was so surface-y. Well, a lot of us don’t have time to read a whole wall street journal article or a whole New York times article or time magazine or whatever. So something like USA today that takes like snippets of information that they feel like you need to know and you know, puts it in a palatable format is hugely successful. So you are doing what your customers don’t have time to do. So let’s say you are in the flooring business, your let’s, let’s say you’re B2B, your customers are focused on their own business but they need new flooring.

09:10 They know it’s coming up or maybe your the wholesaler that sells to the dealer who sells to the client. So the dealer needs to stay on top of this, but they also need to stay on top of a bunch of other things. They don’t have time to stay on top of all the new things coming out in flooring or the new styles or trends or new ingredients or you know, different finishes or whatever. But you do because you want them to buy from you. So you put together an email you send out every week or a blog post every week or whatever on your social media that gives them the top five trends of the week or the top five headlines or the whatever you have done for them, what they don’t have time to do. And that makes it very valuable. Okay, so now let’s get into the tools you can use to do this quickly and easily.

09:59 Because yes, you want to share great content, but you also don’t have time for this nonsense and you also have time to scour the New York times or wall street journal or whatever your industry magazine, excuse me, I’m so phlegmy today. Um, so I know how you can do this quickly and easily. So you also are not, you know, wasting a bunch of time doing this, but you are also filling out your content calendar, which is incredibly valuable. The first tool I want to talk about is Flipboard. Flipboard, in my opinion, does not get enough coverage. Flipboard is an awesome app slash website that is kind of like USA today in a way. It pulls from lots of sources online and creates a magazine format. So you’re seeing websites and blog posts and social media posts from a variety of places all over the place. But it looks like one magazine.

10:57 So let me kinda hop out here and show you what I’m talking about. Okay. So it’s your time. Discover and share the stories that shape your world. I’m going to, let’s see if they give us a sample or I’m going to log into my own account. That’s what I’m going to do. That’ll be the easiest way. So when you sign up, what you do is you tell it a bunch of different things that you want to follow or know about. So up here at the top are the things I told it I wanted to know about TV, movies, books, politics, travel, tiny houses. I love tiny houses, camping, et cetera. You can see the first things that comes up is star Wars. Cause I’m such a nerd. And so what this has done is it’s pulled from the topics I gave it. It’s pulled together a whole magazine.

11:50 See I haven’t searched for any of this stuff. Oh wow. How to cancel Disney. Plus people are unhappy already. And then here, here are the things that thinks I would like, I didn’t ask. See all the things I followed. It’s really attractive and it just pulls from other things. So you can set up your own Flipboard account and that way Flipboard is doing the work for you and you just go through here and find a few things that are really relevant that you think are really helpful and share them. Let’s go to camping. That’s a fun one. So if I am in camping, here’s a bunch of camping articles that I could try out. I can click on one and then see it takes me to that website or that blog to read about. No, we don’t do it.

12:42 And it just pulls it all together for you. It’s a great way for, so essentially Flipboard is curating for you. And one of the beautiful things about Flipboard is you can create your own magazines. So I have created magazines for some of my followers. For instance, I have a Marvel movies magazine and every time I see a Marvel article or blog post that I think is helpful or I have written a Marvel OD article or blog post, I can flip it, what they call flip into this magazine. And to save it into Flipboard, all you gotta do is you have to have a, uh, just a little extension up there or right click on it or something. But it’s a great way to share content online. So you can share this content in another Flipboard magazine if you want. Or you can just use it to get the information and then share it however you want.

13:40 Excuse me, little drinky poo. Okay. That is Flipboard. You can also have Flipboard in an app on your phone or a tablet. That’s very handy and it’s fun. It, you can see why it’s named Flipboard. Frankly, if you use it in the app, because it literally flips the page, you can see it flipped, you can see the articles flip, you can see the pages flip. So that’s a great way to do it. And it’s free. It’s completely free. Okay. So that’s Flipboard, Google news alerts. You might already be familiar with these. Google news alerts are a fantastic, fantastic tool. I have a bunch set up here already in my account. Um, for instance, I have a client who is an arborist in California. So I have a news alert set up for Colorado forest. I have plus lines in there because I want to make sure whatever article comes through, has the word Colorado foreshore and has the word forest for sure.

14:44 Um, so that way they get emailed to me and then I’m like, Ooh, this is, this would be useful for my client or for his, and I can share it. So what is this? What are these alerts? Well, first let’s pop over to the new section of Google. If you type in news.google.com the news, the Google news service comes up and it’s got headlines as you can see. And then it’s got different categories over here. If you want to, you know, stick to a specific category, they think they know what you want to read based on all the things you search for. New HBO series. This, I did want to know about. Thank you Google. I didn’t know that was happening. I’d have to go check that out. So you can see, uh, this is the new service. So you come here and again, let’s use the flooring analogy.

15:37 Let’s say you’re in the flooring industry and you want to hear about new, Oh goodness. Full whoring finishes. I don’t even know if this is going to bring anything up. Let’s see. Oh, well, okay. This is what it brings up. We’ll just use this as an example now. Oh wait, what’s this? How to pick the right kind of hardwood flooring. Oh, okay. This is what I’m talking about. So if you’re in the flooring industry, you see this, you read it, you click on it to read it. Oh yeah. Well, okay, this is very helpful. My people, this would help my peeps out a lot, and you share it. That’s the beauty. So rather than coming in here though and typing something into the news box up here, you, you can just get emails sent to you. You don’t even have to leave your email inbox.

16:25 And to do that, you go to that Google news alerts where I just was and right here is where you type in what you want to know about. You can use a plus sign to make sure that that keyword is somewhere in the article that’s being emailed to you. Or you can use quotes to make sure that it’s searching for the phrase exactly out how it is. You might be wondering why I have my own name in here. Well, if somebody writes about me, I sure as heck want to know about it. Right? And this is the way I’m going to find out. So I just want to make sure we’re still alive. Yes, we are. Okay. So uh, again, this flooring person might type in, Oh, what kind of finishes are there? Hmm. I don’t even know. Glossy flooring finish.

17:20 You just type in exactly what you want to know about create alert. And there it is. If you ever want to come in here and edit it, you can just do that. If you want to get rid of it, you can just hit the trashcan. Now, this is all assuming that you have some sort of Google account. You do need to have, um, you need to be signed up with Google. You don’t necessarily have to have a G Gmail account. Um, but you didn’t need to have some sort of Google account for it to know where to send it to you, you know, give it your, your email address and you can send it, set it up to just get, you know, a single email once a day with all of the stuff in it or you know, as soon as it gets published, send it out.

18:02 That kind of a thing. So it couldn’t be more easy than that. Um, I have a client who has a nonprofits group that helps people with Parkinson’s disease. So I have one setup for Parkinson’s disease treatment, Parkinson’s disease research and that way every day I get an email with like 10 to 12 articles in that email telling me about the latest news in Parkinson’s disease and we can share that on his Facebook page and help the people who follow his nonprofit. I don’t have to do anything other than set this up once and then I get an email every day. It’s a beautiful thing. Okay. And finally I’m going to show you another tool that I really, really love. Crowd fire. Now I’m going to tell you, this is also an affiliate link because I am an affiliate for crowd buyer. I love their service. I’ve used it for years.

18:54 So I became an affiliate so I could recommend it to people. I get a small commission if you sign up for a plan at no extra cost to you, I absolutely love it. And I will show you why this also you can use in an app. Their app is incredibly easy to use. Um, so some things I like to do on the website, like plan out content, create content, but the curating I actually prefer to do on the app, but I can’t show you that live. So we’re gonna stick with this. Now I sign in with Twitter. You can sign in with any of these ways.

19:29 Excuse me. Goodness. All right. No, I don’t want notifications. Okay. I’ve already seen all this. Sorry about this next. They’re all, so this gives you an idea. They’re always updating and improving things. Okay. So crowd buyer, um, scheduling. I have nothing scheduled here. Um, because I don’t typically schedule a whole lot of stuff for my own account, my own online marketing account. I know that’s kinda like the cobbler whose kids have no shoes because I’m so busy with my clients, they come first so I don’t have anything in my schedule view, but this is the part I wanted to show you, the content curation. So once you’ve signed up for a crowd buyer account, you give it topics that you want information on. So I said social media marketing, uh, I also have plus size nerds, so I say plus size, blogging, email. But there’s a whole variety of topics you can choose from.

20:28 And you can also create a topic if it’s not listed. And once you picked your, pick your topics every day, crowd fire sends you stuff that it thinks you might want to share with your people. But the beauty of this is unlike Google news alerts, and unlike Flipboard, you don’t have to leave this space. Go get the URL, copy it and paste it into your email newsletter or your blog post or whatever else. You do it straight from crowd buyer. So let’s see if I can find, now I will warn you like there they sent a ton of stuff because they’re trying to figure out exactly what you want. One of the wonderful things is if there’s something you don’t like, you can choose to block it. Um, let’s see. Let’s see if I can find something really skeevy to block. What is this? I don’t even know what that is.

21:25 Um, Oh wait, tech Cal to change desktop icon size on your windows computer. Let’s just say for instance, I think this would be very helpful for the people who follow me. Um, you know, maybe they’re older and tiny things are hard to see, so they want to make things bigger. Um, so right from here I can just click share and these are all my accounts already loaded up in here, which obviously you do yourself. And then I can say, yeah, let’s send it to Twitter and then, yeah, and then let’s also share it to LinkedIn. And Facebook could be on here. You can see there’s even Pinterest on here. And then you, if you chose that, then you would pick which board you want it to go to. So all in one screen you would choose where you want to share this. And then over here you could either click post at mass time.

22:23 That’s the other beautiful thing about crowd fire is it has an algorithm like tailwind or, or any of these social media tools. It figures out when your followers are online and so you can post it best time or you can just post it right away or you can decide when you want to share it. So a lot of people choose custom time because maybe they want to share things, not necessarily when their followers are online, but when they have time to answer questions. So maybe every night at eight o’clock you’re on the couch in front of the TV and you post this at eight so that you know you’re sitting right there with your app open and you can answer questions and things. So that’s the beauty of crown fire is you can do this right from one screen in one, you know one click, you find it, boom, it’s shared. And now if I head back to scheduling, you can see it’s scheduled as a tweet and it is scheduled for my LinkedIn to show up. It’s that easy so you don’t even have to leave and they send so much stuff every day that you will never run out of things to share and look. So this one could be shared with my plus size nerd folks. So I go in here and I change. That’s my online marketing accounts. Now I’m going to share it with my plus-size nerd peeps on Twitter.

23:50 Boom.

23:52 So, depending on if you want the free plan or paid plan, you can have multiple accounts in here and now that’s going to post it the best time on my Twitter feed for plus size nerd, it’s that easy. I love crowd fire as you can see and that’s why I am an affiliate. Um, you, you’re noticing a lot of probably political stuff. Ooh, invisibility cloak actually works. That’s pretty cool. Um, they do share, I will say they do share a lot of political stuff, but if there’s a website in particular that you’re never going to share from. So for instance, this is the hill.com which is always political. I can block it and then I never block articles from that a tag or from the website. Then you know, it will remove that from my feed and it won’t show it to me anymore. It’s that simple. So those are the three tools I use. I use Google news alert, I use Flipboard and I use crowd fire. And like I said, I really love crowd fire. It has saved me lots of, lots of time when, when you can take one post like that that you’ve curated and share it to Pinterest boards and everywhere else. And you can do that with your own stuff too. You don’t have to do it just with curated content. You can make your own post.

25:05 Okay.

25:07 You know, to share with multiple things. It’s, it’s really, really simple to use. Okay. Now where can you share this? I’ve kind of talked about this a little bit along the way. You can share these curated posts or, or curated articles on blog posts and social media graphics and social media posts in tweets, in your email newsletter. Um, you know, you can do a round up, uh, on a podcast. So there’s lots of ways you can use this curated content and it helps you fill up your content calendar without you having to create every stinkin post, right? You don’t a blog post, especially a weekly Roundup of a blog post with like the top five things from that week in your industry. Boom. Done. Right? And all you’re doing is curating the content for your readers. Um, so you can use it in a variety of ways. Okay. Uh, questions. If you have any questions you can leave them for me. A live or in, if you’re watching this in playback, just leave it in the comments. I’m just checking to make sure no one. Yup, you can leave it in the comments. Um, I will see it and I will get back to you.

26:28 Um, yes. So if you’re watching this live or in playback, feel free to ask questions. I’m happy to ask answer questions about how to use Google alerts or how to use Flipboard or how do you set it up or how do you set up crowd fire, you know, now I have it set up. How do I have my accounts, anything like that? Please feel free to leave in the comments of this video or you can email me nancy@nancy-bassil.com you can sign up for my newsletter. This one, Bitly dash DIY online marketing is just my generic newsletter. But again, if you go to just nancy-basile.com, you can sign up to download that free fill your feed package, a whole month’s worth of posts with images, captions and hashtags. And I’ve even included major holidays as a bonus. So it’s actually more than a month of posts. Um, it’s something that you can use over and over again.

27:26 Uh, I also have a Facebook group that we can, you can come and ask questions, we can have discussions, we can share wins and frustrations. I’m, I pop in there once in a while. Sometimes I give you a prompt to answer and uh, it’s facebook.com/nancybasileservices on the groups tab. You will find that and just hop in there. I do ask you a couple of questions, so please make sure you answer those. They’re not to, you know, they’re not to, you know, decide who gets in and who doesn’t. They’re mainly there. They’re there to keep out, creepers and bots essentially. And I’m always available if you go to Nancy dash [inaudible] dot com you can find all my social media outlets, all my accounts. You can email me all that good stuff and the blog posts there are usually created from these Facebook live so you can find these as well.

28:14 So Nancy dash [inaudible] dot com is the home base. Thank you so much for tuning in to this. I hope it was incredibly helpful to you. I want to save you time. Any one of these tools will help you quickly and easily find useful content to share. You can use all of them, um, or just pick the one that works for you. Whatever, uh, you know, keeps you in your business flowing easily. So again, creating content, great way to fill your feed without putting the burden on you to create everything all the time. And if you do it the right way, if it’s stuff that’s truly helpful to your people, they are going to come back every day to see what else you’ve got to share. Okay guys, I will be back next week. I will be talking about how to find the right hashtags. So we’re going to, I’m going to show you how to research hashtags the easy way, and make sure that they’re not, you know, so popular that no one’s ever going to see your stuff and not so unpopular that nobody searches for it. We’re going to find out how to figure out which hashtags are relevant to your post and going to get you discovered. That’s next week, facebook.com/nancybasileservices at, I think next week is noon, uh, noon. This was week was a special time, uh, for other reasons. So next week, facebook.com/nancybasileservices at noon Eastern. I’ll catch you then. Bye bye.

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