How to Set Up Your Google My Business Page

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Want to set up your Google My Business Page? Good! Because you should. Especially if you’re a small, local business or a local service provider.

In this video, I show you exactly how to set up your Google My Business Page. You’ll learn which sections you must complete, which sections you can skip, and what you should update on a weekly basis.

What’s the first thing anyone does when they want to know something? They Google it. Do you even remember when Google wasn’t a verb? The same goes for local businesses. Someone may turn to Yelp or HomeAdvisor or TripAdvisor. But more often than not, they’ll just Google something like “plumber near me.” That’s why your Google My Business Page needs to be claimed, verified and up to date. Because it’s part of what I call the Google trifecta when it comes to ranking in search results.

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How to Set Up Google My Business Page


The first thing you got to do with your Google my business page is claim and verify it.

If you don’t already have a Google My Business page listing, you can create one with just your business name, phone number and address.

You want to end up in the “snack pack” of search results because it’s right at the top, showing your rating, links to your website, your phone number or directions how to get to your business.

Complete all the information in the “Info” section of your Google My Business page because — hang onto your butts — if you don’t complete it, someone else will. Google allows the general public to make entries in Google My Business pages beyond reviews.

Add your logo and cover photo.

Create posts, add photos and/or create a Google ad.

Respond to reviews.

Pro tip: Share your Google My Business link in your email signature. When you create a Google My Business page, Google gives you a shortened link that takes people directly to your reviews. They can read reviews or, even better, write a review.

Include the link in your email signature with something like, “Check out my great reviews on Google,” then include the link. Anything like that. Then people can go directly to your Google reviews page and share their own review with the world. The more reviews you get, the higher you’re going to rank in Google search results.


Click the link below to download the full transcript of ‘How to Set Up a Google My Business Page.’ Please be aware that I haven’t edited the transcript at all. It was transcribed by a computer, so there is a lot of gobbledy-gook.

How to Set Up Google My Business Page

Someday, when my children are grown and my house is in order and I’ve had enough sleep and caffeine, I’ll come back and turn it into an actual blog post. In the meantime, you might want to just highlight and bold the parts that you’re interested in.

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