How Often You Should Post to Social Media

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How often you should post to social media is less frequently than you probably think. Lots of entrepreneurs — and other, more sane people — think that they need to be posting new content nearly constantly in order to get more followers, more likes and more comments. That’s simply not true, based on statistical evidence. So, take a deep breath, because you’re probably working harder than you need to.

Let’s find out how often you should post to social media.

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How often you should be posting on Facebook. According to Hubspot, organizations with fewer than 10,000 followers found that, the more often they posted on Facebook, the fewer clicks they received.

Online marketing companies recommend that you Tweet at least 14 times a day on Twitter.

According to Hubspot, the most common posting frequency for brands on Instagram is a 11 to 20 times per month. That’s less than once a day.

However, post as many Instagram stories as you want.

Pinterest recommends pinning 10 to 30 times per day.

I use Tailwind [affiliate link] to schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I use Crowdfire [affiliate link] to schedule Tweets on Twitter.


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How Often You Should Post to Social Media

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