DIY Marketing Facebook Ads That Attract Hot Leads

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DIY marketing Facebook ads can be an effective way to increase your sales and name recognition.

Social media, as a whole, is an easy way to interact with your audience and to grow your following but sometimes it can seem like a tedious process. If you want to take control of your progress and try to speed up the rate at which you obtain leads or make sales, try using DIY marketing Facebook ads to increase your reach.

Facebook ads are created in the Ad Manager. You’ll need to know the demographics of your target market, as well as how much you want to spend, and how long you want the ad to run.

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How to Create Winning Facebook Ads That Attract Hot Leads

#1 Choose Your Goal

Facebook wants you to identify your ad objective and you have about 12 options to choose from, including getting traffic to your website, conversions or simply getting more Likes on your business page. This goal is important for DIY marketing Facebook ads, because it tells Facebook’s algorithm what kind of action you want people to take.

#2 Create Ad

Next is setting up the ad. Choose the Facebook Page you want to promote and then choose your target demographics. You can also look for people who have specific interests, follow specific brands, are married or single, and on and on. Just play with it a little to find ways to make sure you’re hitting the right people.

If you watch the gauge in the right margin, you’ll see a potential reach number that is probably in the millions. Who wouldn’t want millions of new leads, right?

Don’t be fooled. Of those millions of names, how many would actually be QUALIFIED leads? Do you think you’ll make many sales from a million names if they can’t afford your products? Knowing your target market demographics will whittle down the potential reach number and more accurately match your market’s qualifying traits. Rick Mulready, the “Iron Man of Facebook ads,” recommends having a potential reach of about one million. That gives Facebook enough data to play with until its algorithm finds the right people to target.

How to Target Fans of OTHER Facebook Pages

Yes, this is really a thing! And no, you’re not stealing audience members from other brands; you’re merely introducing yourself to those followers in hopes of winning them over to your brand.

After you enter your own demographic information, click on the Interests field and start to enter the name of the Facebook Page you want to target. If the page has enough fans, it will likely show up in the dropdown box as a match. If a match doesn’t come up as you type in a page name, it’s not available to be targeted.

For instance, if you sell lifestyle products, you could target people who like Martha Stewart, or Joanna Gaines, or Reese Witherspoon. If you’re a financial consultant, you could target followers of Jill Schlesinger or Dave Ramsey. You get the idea.

#3 Set a Budget

When it comes to setting a budget, you can start as low as $1 per day, like anything else, you get what you pay for. Smaller budgets will reach fewer people. Behind the scenes, there’s a bidding war for the people you’re trying to target. Depending on your niche, they could be expensive. So if you’re not willing to pay more, Facebook will submit low bids for you, which won’t get you your coveted target audience. So try to spend as much as you reasonably can.

Plus, running an ad for fewer days will also reach fewer people. Like I mentioned, Facebook likes to have about a million people in the potential reach category, so it has time to figure out who’s clicking and who isn’t. Determine how much you can realistically afford on this campaign, then decide how many days the ad should run.

#4 Design an Effective Facebook Ad

We all know that Facebook has many, many rules about everything on their platform and how to design an ad is no exception. Your ad should have a pleasing photograph, but absolutely as little text as possible. In fact, no text at all is best.

Facebook reviews every ad and they want less than 20% of your ad to be text, because they say these text-less ads perform better. This 20% rule does NOT include the body text of your ad (which appears above your graphic). Exceptions to the 20% rule are book covers, album covers, etc., which already have text printed on them. Trust me, they stick to this rule. I’ve had ads denied because they had too much text on them.

Speaking of photos, always be sure you have the rights to use the photo! Your best bet is to use your own photo or a stock image that you have purchased. You can also grab stock photos that are absolutely free to use. Grabbing photos or pictures from Google Images is not proper and very well could be a copyright infringement.

#5 Try Your First Facebook Ad

If you’re looking to collect new leads or sell your newest product, running a Facebook Ad campaign can be a worthwhile investment. Be clear on who your market is and simply follow the steps as Facebook walks you through. It will be confusing at first, but like anything else, you’ll get the hang of it with practice.

Once your ad is running, log in to your Ad Manager to analyze the performance results.

How have you used Facebook Ads in your business? What’s your biggest frustration? Tell us in my private Facebook Group, Nancy’s Basillionaires.

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