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Roadside Homicide

River Sutton Mysteries, #1

Robin Pearce comes home to River Sutton for her sister's summer wedding, only to run into an old classmate. Literally. She finds him bleeding out in the road and promises to find his killer. She teams up with the hunky sheriff, who also happens to be her high school crush. Will she find the killer before they can strike again?

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A Fatal Fumble

River Sutton Mysteries, #2

Robin Pearce returns to River Sutton for her high school's 100th homecoming football game to watch her cheerleader sister in the alumni halftime show. But she ends up a murder suspect when her old frenemy is discovered dead under the bleachers. Can Robin clear her name before the next victim falls?

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Jingle Bell Justice

River Sutton Mysteries, #3

Jenn and Deb are living their dream, opening a bed-and-breakfast in River Sutton right before Christmas. For their grand opening, and to nab some good reviews, they host Pittsburgh's elite for the weekend, kicking off with a holiday party. But when one of the guests is found dead, Deb is arrested for the murder. Can Robin clear her name before she's hauled away to prison?

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The Haunting of Ivy May

Ivy May is leaving her old life behind. Newly divorced, she moves to Mistwick, West Virginia, to live out her dream of fixing up an old Victorian house. On her first night, she discovers she's not alone. Someone--or something--doesn't want her to live there. As she continues to encounter her unwanted guest, she learns more about the house's history and its tragic past. Only with the help of a local tea shop owner (and witch?) can she put the past to rest and move on to her future.

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A Shoulder to Die On

FREE River Sutton Mysteries, Prequel

Robin Pearce is looking forward to a girls' weekend with her sister. However, three of Jenn invited three of her sorority sisters. Turns out, Jenn has a big announcement. But that night, Robin winds up in the ER with her sister, wondering which "friend" could have an evil streak. Can Robin figure out who the culprit is before they escape?

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The Case of the Strangled Student

A Detective Shelby Reed Mystery

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Teens have secrets. So do small towns. Whitney Chandler was on track to be valedictorian. She had a football player boyfriend, was beloved by other high school students, and trusted by her parents. So why did she end up murdered at the bottom of an empty pool? To uncover the truth and find the killer, Detective Shelby Reed has to face her own troubled past. Don't miss this crime trhiller full of suspense.

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