If you want to build an audience of loyal followers on any social media platform, especially Facebook, consistency must be a part of your posting strategy. How many times a day you post is your choice — and some quick market research will tell you when your target audience is most likely to be online — but the key to success is to post every single day.

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I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook Business Pages that just seem to gather dust because the owner got overwhelmed or too busy managing other parts of their business to keep up with posting interesting and engaging items on their page. Even if they are the biggest and brightest expert in their field, having a s

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5 Simple Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Profits


I spend a lot of time convincing clients that social media really can help them grow their business. They see social media as something “the kids” hang out on or as a way to share photos of their children and grandchildren.

Oh, my friends, social media is so much more.

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Social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat — are a way for your audience to interact with you and your business. Gone are the days when a boilerplate, corporate ad would satisfy would-be customers. Today, customers want to get behind the scenes. They want to know you and why you’re doing what you’re doing. They wa

Blogging Tools That Help You Save Time

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Over the years, these blogging tools have helped me make the whole process easier and helped me save time. Blogging can seem like an overwhelming amount of work if you’ve never done it before. But blogging is like anything else; it just takes practice. Once you get into a good workflow, it gets much easier.

Plus, there are a ton of great apps, websites and plugins available to make your blogging easier and help you save time (which is so precious to us entrepreneurs!). I’ve put together a list of my favorite blogging tools that I think you’ll find helpful. These blogging tools are in alphabetical order, because I couldn’t rank them by importance. They’re equally important!

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Although writing content is the most essential part of blogging, there’s a lot more to launching a successful blog than just writing a blog post. In this blog post, I’m going to take you, step by step, through the most effective, but easiest to implement, blogging path. We’ll start
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5 Reasons You Need a Blog to Grow Your Business


If you’re a small business trying to attract new customers, or even nurture relationships with your current customers, you need a blog. You may have a website, but that’s not the same thing as a blog. A website is static, never changing. A blog is updated on a regular basis. A blog keeps your audience in the loop on what’s happening in your business. A blog is also a great place to serve your customers by giving them tips, advice, tutorials or recommendations.

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Although you can use YouTube or social media to serve up content to your audience, blogs are still the most popular medium people turn to when they’re looking for recommendations or doing research. According to HubSpot, a leading online marke