I spend a lot of time convincing clients that social media really can help them grow their business. They see social media as something “the kids” hang out on or as a way to share photos of their children and grandchildren.

Oh, my friends, social media is so much more.

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Social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat — are a way for your audience to interact with you and your business. Gone are the days when a boilerplate, corporate ad would satisfy would-be customers. Today, customers want to get behind the scenes. They want to know you and why you’re doing what you’re doing. They wa

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8 Ingredients for an Engaging Blog Post with SEO


Just like you have to follow a recipe to bake the most delicious cake, you have to follow a blogging “recipe” to craft your best blog post. Let’s cover the basics of you need to include in every single blog post you write. So far, we’ve covered the stages of writing a blog post, which gives us a larger view of writing a blog post. We haven’t gotten into the nitty-gritty details. In this blog post, we’re going into the weeds to actually write your blog post.

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#1 What’s The Goal Of Your Blog Post?

Before you sit down and write the first word of your blog post, stop and think about what you want to accomplish with your post. W