Your Best Pinterest Business Profile in 30 Minutes

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You need your Pinterest business profile to work as hard as it can for you. There are very limited places on your Pinterest profile where you can put information about your business. And you only have one clickable link in your Pinterest business profile. This blog post will help you hit three hot spots that help you convey a more effective message to your potential followers and your potential clients.

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Busy? Pin this to your Pinterest board for later. Now, let’s get to it!

How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Profile

Claim Your Website

You want to send more traffic to your website and get more people on your email list by using Pinterest. The first thing you have to do is make sure that you have a Pinterest business account. There is a difference between a personal account and a business account. With a business account, you have the ability to see analytics which tell you which pins are popular, how much traffic you’re getting from your pins and a lot more information. Here’s how to switch your Pinterest personal profile to a Pinterest business profile.

Bring up Pinterest on your computer (you cannot do this on a mobile device).

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right.
  2. Click settings.

Now you are inside your Pinterest business profile. Tailwind has an excellent blog post about called 4 Simple Steps to Help You Go from a Personal Account to a Business Account. The trickiest part is verifying your website. It’s not very difficult, but it does take a little bit of time and some education. Take some time to read the blog post, then put the steps into action. After that, come back to this blog post to optimized your Pinterest business profile.

If you have a WordPress site or blog like I do, you can use the Yoast SEO Plugin. (I recommend using this plugin, anyway, for on-page search engine optimization.) It has a field under the “Social” tab where you can paste the code you copy from your Pinterest business profile. It’s the easiest way to claim your website.

If you have ANY trouble, whatsoever, please email me at I am happy to get  you through this process if it’s confusing or frustrating.

Choose the Right Photo

The photo or picture in your Pinterest business profile should be either your logo or whoever the face of your business is. For instance, I am the face of my DIY online marketing business. My profile photo is a picture of my face. On the other hand, if I were Old Navy, for instance, I would use my logo in that spot.

Regardless of whether you use a photo of your face (or someone’s face) or a logo, be sure that it’s easy to see. That little circle looks very small on mobile devices and even on a computer. Don’t use a full body photo, because no one will be able to see that person’s face. Don’t use an entire ad, just your log. I think you see the difference.

Craft Your Display Name

The display name is what people see next to your profile picture. The beauty of the display name is that you can put more than just your name in this box. The limit is 30 characters. You should use as many characters as you can not only to name your business, but also to describe your business. That way, when people search for a keyword phrase that matches what your business does, they’ll see that keyword phrase right next to your business name.

Pinterest Business Profile Display Name

In my Pinterest business profile (pictured above) you can see that I added a description of my business along with my name. That description tells the user a lot more about my business than if I just included my name. You can use a variety of characters to separate your business name from a description, like – or + or , or | . However, please don’t try to be clever or funny with your display name. You want it to match a keyword phrase that applies to your business and that Pinterest users are searching for.

Choose a Username

Your username is different than your display name. Your username is the word at the end of your Pinterest url. For instance, mine is It is shorter than your display name. You should make it short and easy to remember. That way, if someone wants to go directly to your Pinterest business profile, they can easily type in the URL. (It will also be easier for you to type or share.)

Try to get as close to the name of your business as possible. If that’s already taken, try to choose something short and easy to remember that still calls to mind your business. If you are a local business, meaning your customers come from your geographic area, you could also include the city or town where you live. Mine could have been “nancybasilelancaster” because I live in Lancaster.

Complete Your Bio

The Pinterest business profile bio is the section where you can write a little more about your business. Part of my bio tells people how they will benefit if they follow me. (Pictured below.)

Pinterest Business Profile Bio

It also gives them an idea about what kinds of things I’ll be pinning. Then, I use the rest of the space to promote the freebie people can download when they sign up for my email list. I also included the URL where they can go to get that download. However, this URL isn’t clickable. They have to copy it and paste it into their browser to use it.

I recommend that you use the bio space to give a short description of your business, then add a call to action. Givev users a specific thing to do. You could mention a sale or a current deal and then add the link. If you want the link to be clickable, put the link to your freebie or sales page in the space for your website (which is just underneath).

Add Your Location

If you are strictly an online business, you don’t necessarily have to add your location. You could make your location the Emerald City, if you wanted. Again, if you’re a local business, you 100% should put your location in this space. I help local companies where I live in Lancaster, so I made my location Lancaster, PA. If you are an e-commerce store, you don’t have to include it. However, I will add that putting your actual location in your Pinterest business profile is that people might relate to it, which might give you an edge.

Organize Your Boards

You can either choose to show boards with your most recent pins, or boards that you specifically choose to feature. Which one you choose depends on your business and your goals.

Featured boards should have pins to your best content. You can click and drag boards around to show your best ones first. It’s like putting your best foot forward. Featured boards will welcome users and orient them to your business.

Some businesses choose to have the most recently pinned boards first. If you’re a fashion blogger or you sell clothing or something that relies on trends, you may want to choose to show boards with the most recent pins first because they will have the most updated information.

Choose the option that suits your business best. The beauty of this is that you can change it at any time.

Add Your Account Settings

The account settings are very basic. This is the area where you add your email address, change your password and give a little bit more information about your business. You can also use your Facebook account or your Google account to log in. This is also where you switch your personal profile to a business profile.

Claim Other Platforms

Click “Claim” in the left menu of your account settings. This is where you claim your website. You can also claim your Instagram, Etsy and YouTube accounts. I highly recommend you claim as many accounts as you have. (If you have any difficulty doing this, send me a message or send me an email.) The more information Pinterest has about your business, the more it can promote your pins to users. Claiming these accounts earns you a better reputation with Pinterest than someone who does not claim anything.

Then, modify the other settings to suit your personal preferences.

A Word About Monthly Viewers

Take a look at your finished Pinterest business profile. You should see all the information you just carefully crafted to market your business more effectively to users.

However, you will also see a number that’s labeled “monthly viewers.” This number is not important and I’ll tell you why. Monthly viewers means people who literally just see your pins. If they’re not clicking on your pins and/or they’re not visiting your website, that means that they’re not buying anything and they’re not signing up for your email list. So, does this number really mean anything? No. It’s a vanity metric, something to make you feel warm and fuzzy about using Pinterest.

Do not despair if your monthly viewers number is low or if you see other accounts that have a much, much higher number than yours. Unless those people are putting money in your pocket, that number doesn’t matter.

Set Up Boards

If you’re just starting out with Pinterest, shoot for having about ten boards. And each board should have about 15 pins. You don’t want so few pins that it turns people away. But you also don’t have to spend a ton of time pinning to those boards when you’re first getting started.


I really hope that this this brief tutorial on your Pinterest business profile gave you a taste of what’s possible with Pinterest. Pinterest is not a social media account. It is a search engine. The content you pin here lives forever. It’s not like Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, where once somebody scrolls through their feed, your content is gone. Content on Pinterest has a shelf life of forever. It’s worth your time to figure out how to make Pinterest work for you.

Don’t want to spend your days pinning? Me, neither. I use Tailwind and I love it. I use it to schedule my Pinterest pins AND my Instagram posts. Try Tailwind for free for 30 days. (I am an affiliate of Tailwind, so I earn a small commission if you sign up through my link. However, I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t believe in them.)

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