The Haunting of Ivy May

A paranormal cozy mystery set in West Virginia about a woman’s second chance at life. Kindle $2.99; Paperback $9.99.


Renovating a haunted house isn’t part of the plan. When Ivy May moved to Mistwick, West Virginia, she was starting over after the divorce from her cockroach of an ex-husband.

Although she’s ready to remodel her cozy Victorian fixer-upper, known as Buttercup Cottage, the locals’ strange behavior is a mystery and none of the contractors will work with her, except a feisty and fashionable newcomer willing to take a chance on her.

But Ivy’s first night in Buttercup Cottage is a nightmare starring the ghost of a wailing woman. Ivy can’t shake the feeling that her nightmare was more than just a vision. The reality of living with a terrifying ghost could ruin her dream of a magical midlife re-invention.

The local tea shop owner seems helpful — too helpful — but even she seems secretive when she mentions that Ivy has a gift. What gift? A gift for picking loser husbands is the only gift she possesses.

And who is the handsome mystery man hanging around Buttercup Cottage? Is the the one leaving threatening notes in her mailbox? Or is he the partner she’s always dreamed of?

Ivy has to face down a ghost, a greedy ex-husband, and a town full of skeptics to make her dream a reality. Otherwise, every penny of her inheritance will be wasted and she’ll have to admit she can’t make it on her own.

It’s not until Ivy realizes she doesn’t have to do it alone that her story looks like it might have a happy ending.

If you like haunted house stories that aren’t too scary, with a little bit of romance, this is for you!


This is the second of Basile's books that I've read and I feel like it was better than my first read. It felt more developed with stronger characters. I really enjoyed Ivy's and Izzy's friendship. I loved a cast of strong female characters that worked together and supported each other.

Christina, Goodreads

This was my first read from Nancy Basile and I was not disappointed. There’s something for everyone in this book ghosts, small-town vibes, woman discovering a new side to herself, a little mystery and a little love. This was a quick cozy mystery and I just loved it. I would recommend this book if you like a good read with the above tropes.

Heather, Amazon