Roadside Homicide

A cozy mystery set in West Virginia that takes place during a summer wedding. Kindle $2.99; Paperback $9.99.


River Sutton Mysteries, Book 1

When Robin Pearce came home to River Sutton, West Virginia for her little sister’s summer wedding, she knew she’d run into old classmates, but not with her car.

Robin cut her roots in West Virginia and moved from the country to the big city to climb the corporate ladder as a web traffic analyst. She can’t wait to see her family, but she’s a little nervous about seeing old friends from high school.

Slipping back into her country ways is as uncomfortable for Robin as trying to squeeze into a bodycon dress. But with plenty of coffee and her own car karaoke, her confidence is high about her homecoming. Until a bleeding man stumbles into the road. Right in front of her car.

Although Robin tries desperately to save him, he dies in her arms in front of his trailer. She vows to carry his final words to whoever they’re intended for. As soon as she figures out who that is.

She teams up with hunky Sheriff Chris Payne, the former high school star quarterback, to track down the murderer. He warns her away from being an amateur sleuth, but when he arrests her childhood BFF, Robin uses her computer expertise to dig up evidence that will clear her.

Between dress fittings, a spa day at the casino, the wedding rehearsal, and keeping her sister calm, can Robin uncover the murderer before her sister marries her wife-to-be? And is this a second chance for Robin and Chris?


A little gem! The storytelling is reminiscent of Sharyn McCrumb or Charlaine Harris - an easy, entertaining read that unfolds at a rapid pace. A story so engaging that I missed a fair amount of sleep so I could read “just one more chapter.” The town and the characters are well crafted, relatable and entertaining. And it’s refreshing to see rural people - Appalachians no less - depicted as real people and not just rubes and hillbillies. I can’t wait to find out what happens next to the residents of River Sutton. Next book, please!

Krista M. (Amazon)