A Shoulder to Die On

A FREE cozy mystery short story about a girls’ weekend gone wrong. The prequel to Roadside Homicide and the rest of the River Sutton Mysteries. Download the ebook for free.


River Sutton Mysteries, Prequel

Robin Pearce couldn’t wait to spend a girls’ weekend with her amazing little sister, Jenn. Finding three of Jenn’s sorority sisters there for the weekend ratchets up her social anxiety. But a big, wonderful surprise brings them all closer.

Just when Robin starts to enjoy herself, she winds up terrified in the ER. Now, it’s up to Robin to keep a cool head, not only to find out whodunit, but also to keep the wrongdoer in the house until the police arrive. She’ll use her wits and determination to ferret out who’s to blame and to trap the culprit.


If you live a good whodunnit with a cast of suspects and plenty of motives, then this is for you! The characters are well rounded and relatable. It will keep you guessing until the very end.

J.R. Lancaster, Author

I really enjoyed this one and feel like this author has quite a talent. She could probably write just about any genre and be good at it but I'm glad she chose mystery because I might not have found her otherwise.

Jessica W., Goodreads