How to Ask for the Sale on Facebook (Without Feeling Smarmy)

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You know you can use Facebook to grow your business, but how do you sell on Facebook without seeming smarmy?

Let’s state the obvious: you’re in business to earn money. Yes, you want to help others as well, but you want to make a profit with your business, am I right? In order to make a profit, you need to sell your products and services. But is it enough to just create products and wait for people to make a purchase? Not at all. I like to call that “wishful marketing” and it simply doesn’t work. That’s a very passive approach to running a business as opposed to a proactive approach, which includes finding people in your target market, forming a relationship with them, introducing them to your business, and then asking for the sale.

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Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, compares asking for a sale when someone first lands on your Facebook page to asking someone to marry you as soon as you meet them. You have to build a relationship with your ideal customer one step at a time. Then, when you finally offer them your product or service, they’re ready to buy.

Let’s break down how to build that relationship, then ask for the sale.

Find Your Confidence

It’s so discouraging when people say “no” when you ask for a meeting or for the sale, but there’s a popular thought in the sales community that you need to hear 100 no’s before you hear a yes. Your business and your services won’t appeal to everyone; or they might appeal to someone who doesn’t have the money to spend right now. That doesn’t mean your business idea is awful; it simply means you haven’t found the right people yet.

If you’ve put careful thought into what you want to offer your target audience and you’ve created products and/or services to meet those needs, be confident in telling people who you serve and how you do so.

First, let people get to know you and your business:

  1. Create introductory posts on Facebook – on your personal profile and business page – and give a short summary of who you are and what you do.
  2. Spell out exactly who you’re seeking as your target market; think of those web pages you’ve seen with the specific title, “Who Should Work With Me.”
  3. Create a Facebook Live series where you answer frequently asked questions as they relate specifically to your business.
  4. Find a podcast or other interview opportunity where you can share your expertise with a larger/different audience. Interview scenarios often put people at ease because you’re having a simple conversation.

When the Time is Right, Ask for the Sale

Your customers will purchase from you when they know, like and trust you. Coming on strong with heavy sales talk or pestering them like a used car salesperson will chase those promising customers away.

Instead, gently nudge these prospects down your sales funnel. If you’ve never heard of a sales funnel, it’s simply a visual representation of how you’ll guide prospects toward your higher-priced products. In this manner, you’ll have lower-priced items for sale for those who say they’re interested but don’t have the money. If they purchase your lower-priced item, they may find the money in the future for a higher-priced item, but only if they know about the other products/services you offer.

How do you ask for the sale? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Include Calls-to-Action everywhere: at the end of every blog post; in your social media posts; within your eBook and other products. Invite your prospects to take the next logical step with you.
  2. In your email marketing: don’t be afraid to tell your readers about new offers. Never assume someone knows what you’re up to; be proactive and proud of your accomplishments and shout it from the rooftops.
  3. At the end of your one-on-one consultations: always ask if they are ready for the next step (i.e.: to make a purchase) or if you can follow up with them after a specific time frame if they need time to think. If someone is on the fence, now is when you nurture this relationship so they remember YOU when they are finally ready to make a purchase.

At the end of the day, if you listen to what your audience needs, there’s no harm in making the offer and asking for the sale. In fact, they’ll be happy you were there to support them and help them on their journey. If they say no, move on while nurturing the relationship. If they say yes, you might have a super fan for life.

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