Your Best Twitter Profile for Business in 30 Minutes

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Today we’re talking about setting up your Twitter profile for business. We’ll cover three key areas of your Twitter business profile to make sure you’re attracting the right customers.

When I talk to my clients, one of the things I hear most often is “I just don’t get Twitter.” Twitter isn’t like any of the other social media platforms. Twitter is an “of the moment” kind of platform, a “here and now” kind of platform.

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Do you remember chat rooms? Twitter is like a worldwide, giant chat room. It’s  broken into sub-chat rooms by hashtags. When you follow a hashtag, for instance, you’re following a conversation about that subject. Twitter is something that people use when they’re watching a TV show or they’re at a live event. They tweet about what’s going on. Or as people go through their day, they’re struck by a thought, so they tweet it out.

I recommend that you have a Twitter profile for your business. That way, if the only platform your ideal customer is using is Twitter, they’ll be able to find you. If someone is searching for your business or something related to your business, you will come up in that search. At minimum you should have a complete business profile, as well as tweets that point to  important things on your website or talk about important aspects of your business.

You could use Twitter during a live event you’re attending or hosting. You could tweet during a sales event or holiday or a release party. You could tweet pictures, videos or quotes that you hear

Tweeting during a live event is a lot of fun, because it’s a way for someone who’s not at the event to be in on the action. It’s also fun if you’re part of a big group or community on Twitter who’s also sharing the same experiences you are.

That is how Twitter is different than other social media platforms. Tweets are not meant to live forever on someone’s screen. It’s meant to start a conversation or join a conversation.

Your Best Twitter Profile for Business in 30 Minutes or Less

Profile Picture

The very first thing you’ll choose is your Twitter profile picture. It should be the recognizable face of your brand. If you are the recognizable face of your brand, you want a great, full-face photo as your profile picture. You don’t want a picture of a group of people or a picture that shows you from head to toe. It will look teeny, tiny on someone’s Twitter feed; that’s not what you want. You want your face to take up as much space as possible.

On the other hand, if your logo is what someone associates with your brand, then by all means use that logo. For instance, Lancaster Cupcake uses their recognizable logo rather than the face of the owner or someone who works there

Please know that Twitter does not save any of your previous photos. Any time you change your profile picture, you’ll need to upload it to your Twitter profile for business.

Twitter Header or Banner

The second part of your Twitter profile that you should update is the Twitter header or cover. It’s huge compared to the rest of your Twitter profile. The only time someone will see this banner is when they click on your picture or logo to see your Twitter profile.

This is your biggest piece of real estate on Twitter. A lot of companies use their Twitter header to post photos that complement their brands. Big box stores, like Target, change it seasonally. As a local business, you could use a picture of your storefront; then people will recognize it from Twitter when they drive by. Or you can have just a gorgeous picture that relates to your part of the country. If you’re located in San Francisco, you could display a big photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, for example.

I choose to use this giant piece of real estate to give people a taste of my personality. But I also use it to promote something of value that will attract my ideal customer. For instance, I usually use a graphic that advertises my latest lead magnet or freebie.
This is that checklist I was talking about. So I indicate that they can go to this link to download it so they can either type it in themselves, you know, go to open a new tab and type it in. Or I also have it down here in my bio, which is clickable. So we’ll go over that in a second. But this clues them in that, hey, I could get this Freebie from her social media. She must do online marketing or social media marketing. It just kind of clues them in.

Again, you can’t choose from images you’ve already uploaded. You’ll need to upload a new image.

Profile Bio

Your bio is a tiny little section of your Twitter profile for business. Unlike, say, Instagram, Twitter lets you have as many clickable links as you want, as long as it’s 160 characters or less. You have 160 characters clearly communicate your brand or your message. You can add a description of your business. You can include your tagline. If you’re a local business, a brick and mortar store, a travel agent, a wedding photographer or some other kind of service provider, you could advertise your latest deal, your latest discounts. You have to use those 160 characters wisely. You don’t have to have complete sentences. Abbreviate words or use emojis or hashtags.

But the number one thing you want to do is inform the visitor who you are, what you do, what they can get from you, how you can help them and how you can solve their problem. When they come to this page, they should know exactly what you do, exactly what problem you can help them with. You don’t want to be cute and clever with your bio, because that’s not going to help your visitor get to know you.


You don’t have to add your location to your Twitter profile for business. However, if you’re a local business or local service provider, it would be crazy to leave it out. I purposely added my location so that businesses in the Lancaster area know that’s where I do business or that they could meet with me in person. Your location gives your potential customer that little extra push that they might need to contact you.

The other reason you might add your location is if you’re an influencer. Adding your location will help brands and casting agents find you more easily, if they’re looking for an influencer in your area.

Again, you don’t have to add your location. If you’re strictly an online business, you might not want to add your location.


Now it’s time to add the link to your website. Any URL you add to your bio will become clickable, but the website field is the “official” place for a link. That means you can use the main field for your home page and create a link in your bio to your offer or lead magnet.

Theme Color

Twitter gives you a bunch of different theme colors to choose from. Try to choose the one that most closely matches your branding. You can even customize the color by using the 6 digit/letter hex code of your main color. (If you need help, Image Color Picker can help you figure out a hex code.)


I purposely don’t list my birthday. (You can agree or disagree with me about this.) I don’t have my birthday listed because that’s an important piece of information to give someone who might want to steal my identity or hack into one of my accounts. I also don’t list my birthday on Facebook or anywhere else. You can add your birthday; I don’t want to discourage you. This is my personal choice.

Wrap Up

That is your Twitter profile business in 30 minutes or less. It’s super simple. Twitter’s profile is much simpler than Facebook’s. It’s limited because Twitter doesn’t want people hanging out in your profile; they want people tweeting and conversing and reading their newsfeed. It’s not difficult once you break it down and take it piece by piece. I think a big problem with DIY online marketing is that it’s too much all at one time, and you hear people talking about so many things that you don’t even know where to start. You feel like you’ve already been left behind, right? That is not the case. You can jump in any time and you can start as small as you want. You can keep it as simple as you want.

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